Prosperity through Trade and Structural Reform

Prosperity through Trade and Structural Reform

Emil Ems and Thorvaldur Gylfason (Eds.)

Festschrift in honour of Per-Magnus Wijkman, to celebrate his 80th anniversary.

The book is intended for a broad audience of economists and policy makers.

In his long and distinguished career as researcher and practitioner of economics, Per has acquired many friends among colleaques in academia, as well as in the three institutions where he served as Chief Economist. 

The authors´ contributions to this book span a wide range, from trade theory to structural policies, from pure research to applied studies. Thereby they mirror the broad scope of economics fields thar Per has bees engaged in throughout his professional life. 

The articles show that economic thinking concerns issues of great human interest and can provide us with important insights into the strivings and accomplishments of people and nations. 

Per Magnus Wijkman was Adjunct Professor at the University of Gothenburg and Chief Economist at the National Board of Trade, Sweden, the EFTA Secretariat in Geneva, and the Federation of Swedish Industries. 

Editors, Emil Ems is at present a board member of the Fulbright Commission in Sweden and Thorvaldur Gylfason is Professor of Economics at the University of Island.

ISBN 978-91-7504-344-9
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